Regular Savings – high interest savings accounts

This page is for the regular savings accounts, these are ones that to get the top interest rate you have to deposit a set amount each month and to get the top interest rate you generally have to make no withdrawals in the month.  If you don’t achieve the regular deposit or make a withdrawal the interest rate goes down.

Updated 25th of June 2015:

Compare the best Regular Savings Accounts
Bank Account Interest Rate with Bonus Interest Rate without Bonus Rate of Bonus Minimum Monthly Deposit To get top interest rate are withdrawals allowed? Period for Bonus
Bank of Sydney Super Rate Account 3.3 2.25 1.05 $200 No 4 months
RAMS Saver Account 3.6 2.0 1.6 $200 No No Fixed Time
Ubank Usaver No Bonus 2.31 0 $200 No No Fixed Time
Ubank Usaver Reach 18-29 year olds No Bonus 3.06 0 $200 No No Fixed Time

Direct links to the accounts:
Bank of Sydney: Super Rate Account.

RAMS: RAMS Saver account.

Ubank: USaver: High Interest Savings Account.